Yes Golf Natalie Belly Putter

Yes Golf Natalie Belly Putter The Yes Golf Natalie Belly Putter combines game improving c-groove face front technology, a stabilizing bar back, and a stance stabilizing belly support for the ultimate putting experience.

A horseshoe looking back bar that has a cut out mid section provides a lightweight method of controlling the impact point in your shot. It also puts a firm weight right at the center of the sweet spot and a low bar of weight along the bottom ridge of the iron for a center of gravity that will send the ball across the green faster. The C-groove technology that Yes Golf has patented provides a quick and strong lift at the moment of impact that keeps the ball from skipping along the grass and loosing speed as well as direction.

Finally one of the biggest game improving aspects of these putters is the belly length shaft. Where a long shaft will pull you out of the traditional putting stance in order to get you to firm up your swing it often will not keep your wrists from turning or your body from twisting. The belly putter sets you up in the traditional position and the brace against your midsection keeps you there all the way through. It makes it easy to get a smooth pendulum of motion and to keep your body aligned just right. At impact it holds your wrists where they belong so you do not jerk a common ailment of golfers known as the yips.

The Yes Golf Natalie Belly Putter completely controls every aspect of the putt to give you the best performance possible.

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