Scotty Cameron Red X Belly Putter

Scotty Cameron Red X Belly Putter The Scotty Cameron Red X Belly Putter is a classic mallet head putter with a lot of power. The big head gives it a low and very drawn back center of gravity for a high MOI. This helps to stabilize the swing and the belly putter shaft that braces against your belly makes for even greater stability. Everything about this putter is designed to enhance your skills and improve your game.

The big back end is carved out in a curved cavity back style that adds extra centering to your putt while putting a higher weight on the heel and toe for improved forgiveness. The perimeter weight keeps the club head straight at impact and the belly length shaft keeps your wrists from jerking the shot. The Yips are a thing of the past with the Scotty Cameron Red X Belly Putter. No matter how advanced your game is that is a problem for all golfers and anyone will love the solid putting ability of these beautifully shaped irons.

The club head is made of stainless steel for durable yet light weight handling even with it great mass. It has an elastomer coating that gives it the perfect sound as it swipes the air and impacts with the ball. The design of the club is made to make it as easy as possible to line up your stroke and the belly length shaft keeps you where you set yourself all the way through the swing. This is a fantastic putter for all skill levels to get the most out of your putt.

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How To Use A Belly Putter

How To Use A Belly Putter - Tips And Techniques

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