Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball Belly Putter

Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball Belly Putter The Odyssey White Hot 2-ball Belly Putter has a huge mallet head that is roughly twice the size of most mallet putters. This gives you not only a much broader strike zone but added stability for your swing. If you are prone to the yips and find yourself sending your ball off track even by just a fraction this putter can greatly improve your swing and give you time to adjust and get your game back.

It is very easy to align and the extra weight provided by the large mallet head gives better momentum to your swing and keeps it straight. The extra balance point at your belly is the greatest aspect of belly putters in keeping golfers in tune with the proper placement of their body. Even the slightest twist that they are often unaware of can send a putt in the wrong direction. The putt is perhaps one of the most technically precise strokes in golf and even a little twitch can destroy an otherwise perfect shot.

These twitches and jerks often called yips are not the sole providence of amateurs so there is no need to feel self-conscious about needing the help of a belly putter. Even professionals get the yips. It is much better to use a piece of equipment like the Odyssey White Hot 2-ball Belly Putter designed to help you control your swing than continuously suffer with poorly aimed and high stroke putts. The belly putters allow you to keep the perfect stance while you use them so that if you gain enough control to feel like you can return to a standard putter you do not have to re-learn the correct position. You are there.

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Odyssey White Hot Belly Putter

Odyssey White Hot Belly Putter

If you have too much wrist action and just cannot get the stance down for your put a belly putter can really help you improve.

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Players who have begun to experience putting problems quickly see their handicap hit the ceiling. At those times smart golfers look for guidance.