Odyssey White Hot Belly Putter

Odyssey White Hot Belly Putter If you have too much wrist action and just cannot get the stance down for your put a belly putter can really help you improve. The Odyssey White Hot Belly Putter gives you stability by adding a brace point at the tip of the grip against your belly. This allows you to put yourself in the proper position and keeps you there. It also eliminates excessive wrist motion which is one of the leading causes of the yips.

The White Hot face insert really puts the ball in motion and gives it just the right amount of spin to put it where it belongs. The Odyssey White Hot Belly Putter keeps you from angling shots in the wrong direction due to inappropriate wrist jerks and twitches. As you gain strength and skill the belly putters make it easy for you to transition back to a regular putter better than a long putter because you have never left the normal putting position to use it.

This putter comes in a wide variety of lengths from 41 to 50 inches for the exact perfect fit for your frame so you can be comfortable in your stance and get a good pendulum swing every time. The Odyssey White Hot Belly Putter is a very simple belly putter that does just what it needs to do without a lot of extra bells and whistles at a very reasonable cost. It is streamlined without being overly complicated like some of the belly putters out there and won't do the whole job for you but rather guides you to learning how to better control the ball yourself so you can get a better game.

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